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We are Fashionistas! Collaborators for fashion shows! We are designers and owners of fashion labels and like to collaborate with other designers to host amazing catwalk shows. Upcoming shows will take place in London, Singapore and New York. We are always looking for new locations and other brands to team up with, so let us know if you want to have a fashion show in your city!

Joseph Bachman

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Joseph is an international business executive and entrepreneur. He is one of the co-founders of luxury swimwear brand “Paolita” and business partner for lingerie brand “Sonata Rapalyte”. Joseph is also a minority shareholder of boutique fashion brands.

Joseph co-founded the “Prestige Fashion” concept, in which fashion brands join together to collaborate for big budget catwalk shows. As a collaboration, fashion brands are able to minimise their cost of participation and maximise their exposure for buyers, sales agents, press and consumers.

Since 2010, Joseph has collaborated with over 150 fashion brands for hosting catwalk shows for London Fashion Weeks (2014, 2015, 2016), Tower Bridge (2012) and Prestige London Yacht and Jet Event (2016).